Shalini Pattabiraman

Shalini Pattabiraman teaches English. Her work has appeared in anthologies published by Red River Press, Vita Brevis Press and journals like Wales Haiku, Drifting Sands, O:JAL, The Alipore Post and Verse of Silence. She won the Ken and Noragh Jones Award. She is an associate editor for Triveni Haikai India. 
I am writing a collection of hybrid poems where landscape intersects body, memory, dream, sleep, and reality. These poems explore loss, grief, and movement within the landscapes tracking duality: the presence and absence of consciousness or awareness. Dying has many connotations; it manifests itself in the body as apathy, trauma, grief and maladies of the mind and body. The moment breath leaves us, so does consciousness or awareness of this world. What happens if we are already losing this while we are still breathing? This is what I intend to explore through this work. 

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