Since the launch of the DeathWrites Network in early 2022, the DeathWrites team have been working to offer a variety of different events and opportunities for Network writers.  

In April 2022, the first of two DeathWrites ‘Expanding and Deepening the Field’ Symposia took place, entitled “Objects as Catalysts to Recording and Gathering”. This first symposium ran as a hybrid all-day event, and included a fascinating keynote talk from visual artist and writer Sam Clark, as well as three short workshops on the critical response process; the objective correlative; and the aims and goals of Network members across the next two years.  

The team have also hosted a series of collaborative skill-building writing workshops designed to offer our Network writers new perspectives on their chosen projects. In June, Dr Sherezade Garcia Rangel gave the workshop “Making a Deathly Literary Podcast”, drawing on her experience running her fascinating podcast On The Hill. Carrie Foulkes then gave a workshop on “Collisions and Collages” exploring montage, narrative and text-image dialogues, and Kris Haddow gave “The Listening Spectrum” which utilised effective listening skills from therapeutic practice as a creative tool. In August, Sinéad Hargan gave a workshop on “Writing Into Outdoor Spaces” which encouraged our writers to engage with outdoor elements to inform their writing.

In October 2022 the second DeathWrites ‘Expanding and Deepening the Field’ Symposium took place, entitled “Diary as Form and Opportunity”. Building on the foundations of the last six months, our second symposium included keynotes from writer Hannah Lavery and curator Elaine Addington, as well as two collaborative workshops on podcasting, publication and performance. Read more about the event in our End of Life Studies blog post.

In November 2022 we received a workshop on embodied practice with Em Strang.

Poet and Performer Hannah Lavery giving her keynote     

 2022 Network Symposium, Glasgow Women’s Library

Recent events

Anna Lyons - 5th June 2023 - find out more   |   Dr Tess Moeke-Maxwell - 6th June 2023 - find out more
The programme continues until spring 2024 with further opportunities for Network writers to come together, learn from one another, and hopefully find new ways of interrogating their own work.

We are running regular digital Writing Spaces, which offer Network members a focused online space to write, and Work-in-Progress feedback groups where members can share work with one another.  

Our final event will be a Transmission Symposium due to take place in Glasgow on June 7th 2024, the DeathWrites Collective Living Archives. This will be a celebratory event, open to the public, stakeholder organisations and Network members, and will showcase work produced during the project. Network members will be invited to give readings, performances and exhibit their work. The final symposium will also act as a catalyst for seeding and networking further projects.

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