Nicola Wisdahl

I am a qualified lawyer now working in constitutional policy. I studied Law and German at undergraduate level in Glasgow, before combining those interests to study an LLM in Berlin. My first writing project combined these familiar elements as I explored the life of a notorious Scottish criminal who escaped from prison and ended up in East Germany. I have an amateur interest in anthropology from having observed and participated in fieldwork research in Brazil. I also speak fairly fluent Portuguese.

I’m experimenting with a move away from familiar academic and legal writing styles. I'm using a creative narrative without following a linear format, mainly to reflect thetemporal discombobulations that come with a terminal diagnosis. Borrowing the anthropological concept of time work, I aim to explore how we live in the past, present and future during a period of anticipatory grief. Essentially, my current project is auto-ethnography which aims to explore the inherent worth of everyday life during a dying trajectory – and the sense that this alone can be worth living and fighting for.

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