Loll Jung

Loll Jung is a human animal residing in Glasgow, Scotland, with poetic and essayistic creative and critical work published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe, Nothing Personal, SPAM, Adjacent Pineapple, Gutter, and MAP. Their work examines processes of decline and regeneration through hybrid essaying and poetry, grappling with intersections between the queer body and its mythologies, ecologies, and memory.

Embedded within the landscape-archives of Northumberland and the Vulkaneifel in Germany, Kraxeln examines how we grieve for kin and ourselves, and how loss affects our ability to engage with the present, the still-here bodies—both human and lithic/planetary. Drawing lines between the intimacies we experience in caring for and losing the other, the inanimate, and the self, geopoetic hybrid memoir will excavate the genderqueer self|body and geological processes and formations through memory and grief work, while interviews with kin about a recent loss and a decade-old loss will delve into how time and layers of living shift approaches to grieving.

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