Jeda Pearl

Jeda Pearl is a disabled Scottish-Jamaican writer. Performances include StAnza, Big Scottish Book Club, Hidden Door. Her work is published/commissioned by Open Book, Black Lives Matter Mural Trail, New Writing Scotland, Not Going Back to Normal, Tapsalteerie, Shoreline of Infinity, Rhubaba, Collective, British Council, Peepal Tree Press. @JedaPearl

‘Dream you’ is Jamaican Patois for your ancestors visiting you in your dreams – a gracious comfort and/or to communication an important message. Using rituals and traditions from my own ancestral bloodlines (Scottish, Jamaican) as a starting point, I will explore the profound reckoning with death though our subconscious, folklores and superstitions around death and grieving, and associated funerary rites, traditions and hierophanies. Traversing the ‘in between’ is a theme I often return to in my artistic practice – as a BPOC and disabled writer, I ask and invite, how can we make safe spaces for our grief?

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