Ioulia Kolovou

Ioulia (pronounced: Youleeah) Kolovou is a Greek-born Scottish author and translator, with studies in Classics, History and Linguistics, and an MSc and PhD in Creative Writing. She has published academic and creative work. Her debut novel, The Stone Maidens, is coming out in summer 2022.  
In my Death Writes project, inspired by Sheila Heti’s A Diary in Alphabetical Order, I will transcribe all the extracts from my handwritten journals of three years (20 volumes) referring to my husband’s death at the age of 53 into a Word document. I will then conduct searches using keywords connected to death and relationships, aiming to retrieve clusters of words and to study patterns about dealing with death and complicated mourning. Working with other writers who are processing or have processed bereavement, I hope to help map out constellations of grief that will serve as a navigation guide through sorrow to healing. 

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