Fiona Oliver-Larkin & Lindsay Oliver

Fiona Oliver-Larkin is a physical theatre maker, puppeteer, circus performer and teacher. One half of feminist theatre duo SALTYDOLLS, she obtained a diploma in physical theatre practice in 2016. Her training in anthropology and sociology (Goldsmiths, BA hons, 1st class) has a lasting influence on her work.  

Lindsay Oliver writes poetry and fiction. She has multiple sclerosis, uses a wheelchair full-time and hasn’t been physically able to leave her home since early 2019. Her poetry has been published in English and Doric. Most recently two of her poems were published in ‘Creatives’ by Scottish Mountaineering Press.
avata5985 is a collaboration between a mother, Lindsay Oliver, and daughter, Fiona Oliver-Larkin. Together Lindsay and Fiona formed avata5985, who has been writing and reciting poetry, dancing and walking around town since 2021. She is currently seeking grant funding for improved tech to enhance her capabilities.

Our goal is to create a collaborative art-form that combines the words of the disabled with the movements of the able-bodied. Together we created avata5985, by attaching a tablet, facing outwards, over Fiona’s face while Lindsay is on a video call. Fiona provides the movement. Lindsay provides the words. avata5985 went to the beach, met friends, and did doorstep poetry readings.  We plan to extend the project to produce a series of collaborative poems combining words and movement to explore issues of death, dying and grief. And bring avata5985 to live audiences to participate in performances of the collaborative poems.

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