Andy Manders

50 word biogeography: Aberfeldy Cottage Hospital  /  The Camserney Burn  /  Breadalbane Academy & the Birnam Oak  /  Edinburgh - Enlightenment  /  & the Eskhill & Bilston Glen Quaich Constituency   /   Scotland the Whit?  /   The Great Northern College of Learning, 163 King St. Aberdeen  /  Udny nil  /   Misty in Roots in Insch (Orkney fudge & Stirling work)   /   Kinlochard days’ nights when we’re a’ hame.
From the scratchings - notes, poems, memoir - I wrote during the course of my mother’s illness, along with excerpts from her diaries, I want to work an account charting our relationship as we each sought to live with her dementia and dying. Four years on, I want to explore wider considerations of individual, group and species mortality - the death-shadowed territories brought to mind by Covid- 19 and heightening fear of the anthropogenic threats we face - as well as examine what shifts in our cultural understandings of death and grief might mean for how we see, and see out, our earthly existence.

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